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Restore Your Space to its Pristine State

Reveal the true beauty of your newly constructed or renovated space with our meticulous post-construction cleaning services.

After a construction or renovation project, the last step in the process is often the most crucial: the post-construction cleaning. KVD Cleaning specializes in thorough and detailed post-construction cleaning services that remove dust, debris, and residue, allowing you to showcase the full potential of your newly completed space.

Our experienced cleaning team is equipped to handle the unique challenges that come with post-construction cleaning. We use industry-leading techniques and high-quality cleaning products to ensure every surface is meticulously cleaned, resulting in a pristine and safe environment.


Areas Cleaned

Living Areas

-Removing dust, dirt, and debris from all surfaces, including walls, ceilings, and floors; Cleaning windows, window sills, and frames; Dusting and wiping down of light fixtures, switches, and outlets; Removing paint splatters and adhesive residue.


-Disinfecting bathrooms, including toilets, showers, and vanities, cleaning mirrors and glass surfaces; Emptying and sanitizing trash bins; Cleaning and wiping cabinets.


-Cleaning and sanitizing of kitchen appliances, inside cabinets, and countertops; Emptying trash bins.


-Dusting; Vacuuming and mopping of floors; Cleaning and wiping inside closets.

Customized Cleaning Solutions for Homes and Offices

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Achieve a clean and organized environment with KVD Cleaning’s professional residential and office cleaning services. Our experienced team specializes in delivering customized cleaning solutions that cater to your specific needs. From regular maintenance to deep cleaning, we are here to make your space shine.

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Customized Cleaning Solutions for Homes and Offices

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